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In the era of technology and knowledge, there are numerous methods for foreign enterprises to make the beginning of their businesses in overseas market generally and in Vietnam particularly. After many years, participating in trade fairs and exhibitions in Vietnam has always been concerned as one of the leading choices for international companies seeking for partners as well as introducing their products/services to customers. On the other hand, how to join in prestigious exhibitions in accordance with area of operations is a big preoccupation for most foreign companies. 

ExportHelp Asia from the very first day of being the connection between foreign and Vietnamese companies has thought about our job as “a happiness shipper”. More than anyone, we are conscious of the best way in bringing success to our customers. With this belief, ExportHelp Asia ceaselessly develops and offers best services to support both foreign and Vietnamese enterprises that enjoy doing business oversea.


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Trade representative service of ExportHelp Asia is suitable for foreign companies who enter the Vietnam market at the first  time, and would like to do the simple market research to check whether the market is potential or not. Doing business in Vietnam has never been easy. With our service, foreign companies will know how to do business effectively and efficiently in Vietnam with a minimum  cost.



Business matching

Based on reliable, up-to-date and huge source of database about domestic businesses and Vietnamese market, as well as the intimate relationship with many foreign companies, ExportHelp Asia is confident in conducting business matching service to help foreign companies look for potential suppliers/distributors/partners/ buyers, etc.




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