Vietnams FDI outlook for 2016 Trends and opportunities

Vietnam’s rapid pace of integration into global commerce is likely to yield unparalleled opportunities and record foreign investment in the near to medium term. While speculation on the nature of Vietnamese FDI has been on the rise, the availability of credible data remains scarce. derive the following article from Dezan Shira & Associates on February 16, 2016 to provides insight on sources, destinations, industries, and vehicles of foreign direct investment and help investors make informed decisions about existing opportunities and likely competitors.

overview vietnam economy

Viet Nam embarked on Doi Moi policy in 1986. Since then, the country has seen dramatic changes, first and foremost in the economic thinking. The centrally-planned economy was replaced by the socialist-oriented market economy; national industrialization and modernization were initiated together with the policy of diversification of external economic relations, openness and international...


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