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Business matching service

Business matching

Based on reliable, up-to-date and huge source of database about domestic businesses and Vietnamese market, as well as the intimate relationship with many foreign companies, ExportHelp Asia is confident in conducting business matching service to help foreign companies look for potential suppliers/distributors/partners/ buyers, etc.






Who we aim at?

This service is suitable for those who:

- Would like to learn about Vietnamese market to prepare for future business plans.

- Would like to discuss directly with business partners (suppliers, distributors, customers, etc.) before making decision (one to one meeting)

Business matching service procedures:

1Search for suitable distributors/suppliers/partners: Analyze client’s requirements, do the market research, find out the most potential suppliers/distributors/ buyers, etc.

2Arrange business meetings according to clients’ schedule: Make phone calls and send email to arrange business meetings, etc. This task is very time-consuming.

3 Interpret at the meetings: Not all Vietnamese entrepreneurs can speak English, and even they can – we are not sure they can speak fluently. Therefore, our staff will join the meetings to support our clients as a translator.

4Follow-up activities: We will be at the meetings between our clients and suppliers/manufacturers/ buyers (if any) to follow-up after the meetings with Vietnamese companies. It means we will continue to communicate with them via email, phone, or send the required documents/files to distributors/suppliers, etc. (deal the contract, translate documents into Vietnamese, find logistics partner, etc.) after our clients return to their home countries. This task is very important in order to help both sides understand each other better.

5Further supports: If the distributors/suppliers are not appropriate, then we will continue to find more suitable distributors/suppliers for our clients.

business matching ExportHelp Asia

Note: Our responsibility is to arrange business meetings and support client only. Thus,

sales/partnership contract will be signed directly between our clients and partners in Vietnam.

If it is not convenient for clients to come to Vietnam, ExportHelp Asia's team proposes that we will be client’s representative agency/ sourcing agency in Vietnam to do the whole process and keep our clients updated on our working progress.

Once there are some potential distributors/suppliers, we will negotiate directly with them or if necessary, our clients will come  to Vietnam for further discussion.


Why work with us

business matching ExportHelp Asia reliability

EffectiveWith our service, you can meet high potential partners because we deeply focus on your requirement. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on attending business matching held by some governmental organizations, you may consider engaging with our service. We will do the best things to serve your needs.

Supportive: When you have any concerns or questions,  just email or call us, and your problems will be addressed quickly.

Confidential: All of the information about clients and their suppliers is kept confidential and not provided for any irrelevant parties without permission.

Your success is the biggest motivation for us to continue our work and enhance our service.

In case you would like to learn more about this service, please drop us an email or give us a call.




Viet Nam office: 151 Dao Duy Anh st., Phu Nhuan dist., Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

Singapore office: 171 Chin Swee Road, #02 CES Center, Singapore 169877

Hot line: (+84) 938.53.15.88/ (+65) 3163 4102

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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