Recruitment Service & Managing Human Resources Service in Vietnam


Recruting qualified employees meeting the newly-incorporated company is one of the necessary steps that any entrepreneurs should  take into careful consideration. However, companies has just set up might face a plenty of obstacles in recruiting talents at the first stage.

Deeply understanding the challenges might come up, not only do we provide setting company service but we also assist Client in recruiment  as well as managing the human resources.

The article below by ExportHelp Asia will give some highlights about our recruitment and human resource support service.


I. Overview of manpower in Vienam

In recent years, Vietnam has become an increasingly attractive place for businesses of all types. The country has a fast growing consumer class and a young and dynamic workforce that is continuing to build its skills set. In fact, Vietnam’s labor force is growing by more than one million people per year. According to research show that:

  1. Vietnam is a country with a high population and population density in the world
  2. Vietnam workforce is characterized as being young, high-disciplined, hard-working, quick in learning,adaptable, committed to work giving it competitive advantage over other nations.
  3. The labor force qualifications have been continuously improved with 60% being secondary-school and high-school graduates.
  4. Cheap labor also puts Vietnam at a competitive advantage over other nations.

However,  to have a right recruitment process will be quite time-consuming, hence, not only does ExportHelp Asia provide investment Registration certificate application service, incorporation service, but we also provide the folowing two packages of service:

1. Recruitment Service in Vietnam

A thorough understanding of our clients' needs and a deep-rooted understanding of culture, lifestyle and business practices in Vietnam has enabled us to introduce and put many exceptional individuals into the “right places”/businesses over the years. On behalf of you, we_ExportHelp Asia will:

- Learning about company's demand and figuring out outstanding recruitment criteria.

- Preparing possible plans for recruitment (assessment tests, the test cycles)

- Launching recruitment plan by publishing recruitment information  on wide range of media.

- Receiving and screening applications.

- Arranging interviews with suitable candidates.

human resource


2. Managing human resources

As a result of rapid integration (effective AEC and up-coming Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP),  more and more Vietnamese  express their concern and care  toward labor rights, security benefits...  International integration also leads the labor law together with all of its formalities in Vietnam to be much more enhanced and improved.

Therefore, besides providing foreign Client with Recruitment service , we - ExportHelp Asia always update the latest news about labor rights and give appropriate consultation  in accordance with the provisions of law to our Clients.

To be consulted directly on the business , the company established in Vietnam , please contact:




Viet Nam office: 151 Dao Duy Anh st., Phu Nhuan dist., Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

Singapore office: 316 Tanglin Road, Block 316, Singapore

Hot line: (+84) 938.53.15.88/ (+65) 83551210

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