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Marketing Research Service

market research

Vietnam - a country has a growing market and gradually appears as one potential consuming market in Asia. Along with the economic integration, Vietnam has participated in economic agreements in areas such as TTP and AEC. More particularly, Vietnam has become one attractive investment destination in the eyes of foreign investors. Therefore, in recent years, many foreign enterprises have chosen Vietnam as an ideal location to expand their investment and develop business activities. However, prior to the establishment of the company here, learning about the market to become a strong foothold in Vietnam is very crucial and cannot be ignored.


 In the following article, we - Export Help Asia would like to introduce about marketing research service which we will support for enterprises when investing in Vietnam market.

I. Overview of Vietnam market

  • Vietnam had a gross domestic product (GDP) of US$186.2 billion in 2014, which is expected to grow by 11.7% in 2015,
  • Vietnam is the fourteenth-most populous country in the world with 91.6 million people. The population is expected to reach 94.1 million by 2017.
  • Annual per capita consumer expenditure was US$1,285 in 2014, with food and non-alcoholic beverages representing US$453 or 35.2% of that total.
  • The consumer foodservice industry is expanding alongside a rising middle-class population, and is forecast to reach total value sales of US$60.3 billion by 2018.
  • With growing disposable incomes, Vietnamese consumers are seeking products that offer convenience. Packaged food sales continue to grow rapidly, and are expected to reach a value of US$17.2 billion by 2019.
  • The top packaged food company in the market is currently PepsiCo Inc with a 25.1% value share, followed by Tan Hiep Phat Group (17.5%) and JG Summit Holdings Inc (10.6%).
  • The agriculture sector employs 47% of the workforce and is estimated at 18.4% of GDP. Agriculture’s share of economic output is expected to decrease as the country moves toward economic modernization.

vietnam gdp growth forecast

vietnam overview 2016

Based on the statistics above, it can be clearly seen that Vietnam market is more and more developing and become a potential market. However, to understand more about the industries in Vietnam before investing here, marketing research is extremely significant which enterprises should carefully consider.

II. Our market research service

We- ExportHelp Asia will provide marketing research service with these following steps:

1. Figure out our client's products and services.

2. Analyze out client's needs and requirements.

3. Learn competitors.

4. Analyze out client's advantages between competitors' products and services.

5. Evaluate the effective media/advertising channel as well as send messages to target audiences.

After these steps, we believe that our clients will have a judicious decision for investment strategy in Vietnam market.

In addition, because of desiring to bring out the absolutely successful results for clients, ExportHelp Asia has other helpful supporting services when enterprises decide to invest in Vietnam market.

First, Sourcing Agency service supports foreign investors to look for potential suppliers or distributors in Vietnam.

Please kindly find more information about this service at:


Second, Trade Representative in Vietnam service supports foreign corporations to expand businesses in Vietnam with our trade representative service

Please kindly find more information about this service at:


With solid working experiences and successful projects with many foreign companies, ExportHelp Asia believes that our supporting services will remarkably assist clients on right investment direction in potential Vietnam market.

For more information about this service, please contact us at:




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