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Market prospects for the worlds furniture in 2016 hình5

 Market prospects for the world's furniture in 2016

With 455 billion dollars, the world's furniture sales in 2014 has increased 17 billion compared to the year 2013. Growth on world furniture consumption in 2015 estimated to reach 2.8%. According to the data of the Centre for Industrial Studies (CSIL), the forecast of global furniture demand in 2016 retains the 2.8% growth. 


Exports of textile and garment industry has many advantages in 2016 2


There are 6000 companies currently in textile and garment industry, attracting around 450,000 employees, both directly and indirectly. The industry is said to enjoy many benefits of Korean exports when the free trade agreement Vietnam – Korea (VKFTA) takes effect.

It is expected that, in 2016, South Korea will reduce tariffs to 0% for import garments from Vietnam. However, how many of the total 6,000 companies active in the textile industry actually benefit from VKFTA?

thu cong my nghe vn


Export situation of handicraft and expanding EU market orientation.

Contrary to the growth turnover in the first month of 2014, in February 2014, export of bamboo, rattan, sedge, carpet has decreased 38.64% over the January 2014. Generally, in two months of 2014, export of thesr items fell 20.22% over the same period last year.

Vietnam exporting bamboo, rattan, sedge, carpet into 18 countries, in which United States achieved the highest turnover, 8.3 million, accounting for 28.9% market share, up 8.65% compared to two months of 2013. Separately in February 2014, the exports to the United States decreased turnover compared with the early months, down 40.06%, equivalent to $ 3.1 million.

Japan is the market which has turnover ranked the second largest after the United States, reached USD 7.1 million, up 40.65%; followed by Germany with USD 4.3 million, up 10.26% over the same period last year.

Notably, although exports turnover to Belgium market reached only USD 706 thousand, it has shown the strongest growth, up 48%.

exhibition avarta

In the era of technology and knowledge, there are numerous methods for foreign enterprises to make the beginning of their businesses in overseas market generally and in Vietnam particularly. After many years, participating in trade fairs and exhibitions in Vietnam has always been concerned as one of the leading choices for international companies seeking for partners as well as introducing their products/services to customers. On the other hand, how to join in prestigious exhibitions in accordance with area of operations is a big preoccupation for most foreign companies. 

sourcing agnecy

As you may know, Vietnam is considered one of the sourcing paradises in the world because of its low cost and abundant raw materials. If you are looking for cheap and reliable suppliers in the most effective and cost-saving way, you have come to the right place.

ExportHelp Asia from the very first day of being the connection between foreign and Vietnamese companies has thought about our job as “a happiness shipper”. More than anyone, we are conscious of the best way in bringing success to our customers. With this belief, ExportHelp Asia ceaselessly develops and offers best services to support both foreign and Vietnamese enterprises that enjoy doing business oversea.


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market research

Vietnam - a country has a growing market and gradually appears as one potential consuming market in Asia. Along with the economic integration, Vietnam has participated in economic agreements in areas such as TTP and AEC. More particularly, Vietnam has become one attractive investment destination in the eyes of foreign investors. Therefore, in recent years, many foreign enterprises have chosen Vietnam as an ideal location to expand their investment and develop business activities. However, prior to the establishment of the company here, learning about the market to become a strong foothold in Vietnam is very crucial and cannot be ignored.



Recruting qualified employees meeting the newly-incorporated company is one of the necessary steps that any entrepreneurs should  take into careful consideration. However, companies has just set up might face a plenty of obstacles in recruiting talents at the first stage.

Deeply understanding the challenges might come up, not only do we provide setting company service but we also assist Client in recruiment  as well as managing the human resources.

The article below by ExportHelp Asia will give some highlights about our recruitment and human resource support service.

work permit

As a result of integration, effective AEC 2015, and up-coming Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Vietnam is expected to  fully bloom into a much more potential market and an attractive investment destination among the eyes of more foreign workers and investors. Any foreigners who wished to work in Vietnam legally are obliged to apply for work permits issued by the Vietnam’s Department of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs.


web design

If you are now looking for a professional and dedicated website design company, we_ ExportHelp Asia will support you.

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