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In 2016 Vietnams seafood exports continue to grow despite challenges


World consumption decreased, relatively high production costs compared to competitor countries of Asia, currency fluctuations, challenges from the Free Trade Agreement, etc. continue to be major challenges for the fishing industry in the coming period.

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Coffee exports of Vietnam in the year 2015 and 2016 will increase by 30% to a record 28.7 million bags, according to estimates by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

vietnam tourism

In recent years, Vietnam's tourism is developing strongly. The number of international travelers and domestic tourists in Vietnam is increasing. Vietnam tourism becomes more popular, and many domestic destinations were voted as the favorite destination for international travelers. Quality and competitiveness of Vietnam tourism are receiving a lot of attention and widely discussed. Multidimensional approaches the quality of tourism will help to find the right solutions to enhance the quality and competitiveness of Vietnam tourism.

ExportHelp Asia from the very first day of being the connection between foreign and Vietnamese companies has thought about our job as “a happiness shipper”. More than anyone, we are conscious of the best way in bringing success to our customers. With this belief, ExportHelp Asia ceaselessly develops and offers best services to support both foreign and Vietnamese enterprises that enjoy doing business oversea.


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Construction and Engineering


Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment estimates that Vietnam needs to invest $200 billion for infrastructure development through 2020. Private investment funds, Multilateral Development Banks such as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, and Overseas Development Assistance by foreign countries such as Japan have spurred investment in infrastructure but financing continues to be a major challenge.

the major export product

According to the latest figures from the General Department of Customs, until February 15th, 2016, there are 4 groups of export goods which achieve turnover value from $1 billion or over. Those items include telephones and components; textiles; computers, electronic products and accessories, and footwear.


Vietnam is already a significant importer of foreign agricultural, fish, and forestry products. This trade should continue to grow as Vietnam’s rapidly developing economy leads to further increases in consumption of various kinds of agricultural, fish, and forestry products. Vietnam also needs to import all or most of its domestic consumption of wheat, cotton, wood, hides and skins, and dairy products. Much of this goes into processing for re-export.

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