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vietnam tourism

In recent years, Vietnam's tourism is developing strongly. The number of international travelers and domestic tourists in Vietnam is increasing. Vietnam tourism becomes more popular, and many domestic destinations were voted as the favorite destination for international travelers. Quality and competitiveness of Vietnam tourism are receiving a lot of attention and widely discussed. Multidimensional approaches the quality of tourism will help to find the right solutions to enhance the quality and competitiveness of Vietnam tourism.




Some people said that the percentage of customers reuse the service shows the competitiveness of tourism. However, it is not the real condition to show the competitiveness of tourism. Tourism achievement is often evaluated through key factors such as: customer growth rates, average length of stay of visitors, the average expenditure of visitors, and tourism’s contribution to GDP.

According to the statistics of the General Department of Statistics, the rate of international visitors to Vietnam for the first time and visitors from two or more times are 72% and 28% (2003); 65.3% and 24.7% (2005), 56.3% and 43.7% (2006); 60.4% and 39.6% (2009); 61.1% and 38.9% (2011); 66.1% and 33.9% (2013). We can see this rate does not change much over the years and maintained at a same level.

ha long vietnam tourism

In general, the important thing is that the index of number of visitors and revenue of Vietnam tourism achieved good growth over the years. The number of international visitors is: 2.1 million international visitors in 2000, 3.4 million in 2005 to reach 5 million in 2010 and 7.5 million in 2013. At the same time, the number of domestic tourists is also growing: 11.2 million in 2000, 16.1 million in 2005, 28 million in 2010 and 35 million in 2013. Especially, revenue from tourism in recent years reach the rapid growth like in 2013 reached 200 trillion, while in 2010 only reached 96 trillion. The growth rate of revenues from tourists is growing faster than the growth rate of tourists. Tourism's contribution to Vietnam's GDP is growing bigger.

Tourism also creates more jobs and contributes to social welfare settlement. By 2013, over 1.7 million people work in the tourism industry, in which 550 thousand direct employees and 1.2 million indirect employees.

hue vietnam tourism

Along with that, Vietnam tourism reputation has been increasingly enhanced. Many cultural heritages and the natural world of Vietnam were gradually recognized by UNESCO. Many tourist sites are voted as the favorite addresses of numerous international visitors by reputable organizations. For instance, Ha Long Bay was voted as one of 25 most incredible beauty sites of the world by BuzzFeed magazine (US); Hanoi was selected as 1 of top 10 cities to attract tourists in the world in 2014 (TripAdvisor)… besides, many tour operators, hotels of Vietnam were also honored for their outstanding service by organizations, consumer website.

This shows the quality of tourism in Vietnam is gradually better, and it goes into the depth instead of width in the right direction of the development strategy of Vietnam's tourism.

Improving the quality of tourism to attract and satisfy the demands of visitors is an important direction in the development strategy of Vietnam's tourism.

The development of tourism industry depends greatly on governments and other factor like medias, a visitor…, which makes Vietnam’s tourism become a brand endearing by our international friends.

Source: vietnamtourism.gov.vn



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