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The major export products of Vietnam in the early beginning of the year 2016

the major export product

According to the latest figures from the General Department of Customs, until February 15th, 2016, there are 4 groups of export goods which achieve turnover value from $1 billion or over. Those items include telephones and components; textiles; computers, electronic products and accessories, and footwear.

Accordingly, the leader of exporters is still telephones and components with $3.03 billion turnover value. Although the export value of phones and components is big, in overall assessment, mainly because a major contribution of enterprises has direct foreign investment. The worthiest thing is the phone and phone components with the participation of Samsung, LG, Microsoft (after the acquisition of Nokia), the unit has chosen Vietnam as the main production site in the world and areas, pulling hundreds of parts suppliers, so it helps the export turnover of item group increasing more and more.

With the deeper development of phone brands as well as famous technology brands in the world at Vietnam, analysts believe that export turnover of the mobile industry and the electronics of Vietnam will continue to rise high in the near future.

In the second place is the group of textile items with export turnover reaching $2.599 billion. Taking advantage of the trade agreement with ASEAN, the US, EU, particularly Vietnam free trade agreements - Korea have validity, expected in the coming years, this item group is expected will contribute 20% growth for export consumer goods from now until 2030.

In addition, there are two other product groups also reaching export turnover over $1 billion, including groups of computers, electronic products and components with $1,632 billion and the EU is the largest import market. Footwear exports reached $1.454 billion and the US is the largest market besides traditional markets such as Japan, Korea ...

Notably, turnover value of all 4 key export commodity groups listed above, which export turnover is declining compared to the same period in 2015.

Accordingly, the group of phones and components declined to $714 million; textiles group fell to $446 million; commodity groups of computers, electronic products and components decreased o $314 million; footwear decreased to $ 168 million. Thus, only four commodity groups mentioned above, turnover fell to 1.642 billion dollars compared to the same period of 2015.


[Source: General Department of Vietnam Customs]


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