Vietnam is already a significant importer of foreign agricultural, fish, and forestry products. This trade should continue to grow as Vietnam’s rapidly developing economy leads to further increases in consumption of various kinds of agricultural, fish, and forestry products. Vietnam also needs to import all or most of its domestic consumption of wheat, cotton, wood, hides and skins, and dairy products. Much of this goes into processing for re-export.

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 Textiles and garment

Textiles and garment is one of Viet Nam's most important export sectors. With over 2 million workers, about a quarter of all industrial employment, the textiles and clothing industry represents a key source of industrial employment, especially for women, and is a leading industry for overall growth and industrialization. Although Viet Nam faces discriminatory market access conditions in some markets, its export performance in this sector has been impressive. Viet Nam's exports of clothing are almost entirely in the form of sub­contracts to foreign firms.


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